How to Submit

UPDATE: Currently, we are ONLY accepting new talent that fit the following specifications:

Theatrical/ Commercial/Model: 

  • African American and Ethnically Ambiguous; Males and Females 60’s and up
  • African American and Ethnically Ambiguous; Females 40’s (NON-UNION)
  • African American and Ethnically Ambiguous; Children Ages 8-15
  • Asians; Males and Females (All Types)
  • Latinos; Males and Females (All Ages)
  • Football Player Types
  • Fit/Attractive Model Types;  Males and Females Ages 18-25


  • Authentic British and Australian Accents
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Kids ages (5-15)


DO NOT telephone for any reason unless we have specifically asked you to do so. Also, DO NOT submit your materials to, your email will be deleted.

A general note for any one new to this industry – do your research!  With the boom of television and film work to the state of Georgia, there will be companies and people trying to take advantage of those new to this business.  Follow these guidelines:

  1. You should never have to pay anyone for a job.  A reputable agent or manager only takes a commission AFTER you book a job.
  2. Contact various photographers for quotes on headshots and comp cards.  See what the industry is using for the style of headshots. The focus should be on the actor. It is not about an artsy, creative photograph.
  3. Contact various acting schools and ask to audit a class.  Every actor has different needs. Not every acting school or teacher is right for everyone.
  4. This is a business. Auditioning is part of your job. Take your job seriously. If you’re not in theater, be in a class. Continue to strive for excellence.
  5. This is a business full of rejection.  Develop a thick skin.
  6. Be interesting and continue having a life outside of  this business!


Submissions will be reviewed bi-weekly and interviews are arranged as needed. We will only contact you if we are interested in setting up a meeting. Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions, we are unable to respond to everyone.

Please click the appropriate division link below for instructions on submitting:

On Camera Talent

Voice-Over Artists