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About Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc.

Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. is Atlanta’s premiere full-service talent agency. Our mission is to provide outstanding talent for television, film, commercial, industrial, print, and voiceover productions in Atlanta, the Southeast, and nationwide.

Our History

Established in 1959, Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. (AMT Agency) is Atlanta’s first and most prestigious talent agency. The history goes back over fifty-five years, and the strength of the agency, its reputation, and success is largely due to the forward-thinking of a few remarkable women.

In the early 1960’s, Dot Barber had a small part time model agency called Model’s Inc., when she asked Beverly Needle Copen, on maternity leave at the time, to help her out. When Barber decided to change careers and go into real estate, Copen purchased the agency from her for one dollar (legal tender).

Copen was interested in expanding the business beyond fashion and photography jobs, so she began with the name. Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. was born. At the same time, Edith Ivey and Jerre Enberg were hard at work with the successful Ivey-Enberg Talent Services in Atlanta, having set in place many of the standards of practice still in use today. In the mid 60’s, Edith and Jerre decided to pursue their artistic careers and turned over their roster of 655 clients to Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc.

Meanwhile, Copen expanded her own sales strategies and hit the road. She traveled to New York and Los Angeles, fostering relationships with film producers and motion picture studios. She reasoned that there was no better shoot location than the South during the snow-covered winter months up North. Her innovative sales strategies paid off. Copen became the first film representative from 1972-73 under President Jimmy Carter.

In July 1970, Kathy Hardegree became AMT’s receptionist. A few years later, she purchased the agency from Copen and was the sole owner for almost 40 years. Kathy served to establish the Atlanta chapter of The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and served as Chair of the Atlanta Emmy Awards for five years. She was a founding member of the Atlanta chapter of Women in Film, from which she was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004. In September 2010, Kathy was voted the SAG agent of the month, the only agent in Georgia to date to receive this honor.

In 2005, Sarah Carpenter was hired by Kathy after spending years in the entertainment industry. In 2010, Susan Fronsoe, who transitioned from a career in acting and managing talent, moved to Atlanta and began looking for representation herself. Fronsoe became a client of AMT Agency where she met Carpenter. Shortly after, they discovered that Hardegree was looking towards retirement and the timing was ideal. It was then that Carpenter and Fronsoe joined forces to purchase AMT Agency on January 27, 2011. The women opened the doors of the newly purchased agency with only two interns.

Carpenter remains the sole owner of AMT since Fronsoe sold her share in January 2015. Continuing the legacy of the women before her, Carpenter leads her team of agents and associates to maintain AMT as a top agency in Atlanta and beyond, booking clients on productions in the southeast and across the nation.



With Atlanta at the forefront of the film industry, producing more projects than both Los Angeles and New York City as well as generating over $9.5 Billion economic revenue for Georgia, the TV/Film department hustles around the clock to get AMT actors on set. While always aiming for the sky, we've been successful targeting everything from series regulars to major recurring guests stars, day players, and supporting roles. Recent credits include studio feature films and network/streaming TV series, including Spiderman: Homecoming, Stranger Things, Atlanta, Ant-Man and The Wasp, Venom, The Walking Dead, and many more.


Whether you need a host, spokesperson, or the new face for your product, AMT has you covered. Our talent are thoroughly experienced, extremely professional, and highly sought-after. We work on everything from corporate training videos to SAG national campaigns.


If you are looking for the voice or talent that is an ideal fit for a creative production or application, then you have come to the right place. As our voice talent step up to their microphones, we meet and exceed your expectations with excellence through the spoken word.

Meet The Agency

Sarah Carpenter

Owner | Head of Commercial, Industrial, VO Departments

Born and raised in upstate New York and moved to Atlanta in 1983. She attended college in New York and Georgia graduating from The Art Institute with a degree in Music & Video Production. Sarah started in the business working for Ted Borden and Associates as an agent, before gaining direct casting experience with Stilwell Casting. Eventually, Sarah started her own company, Carpenter Consulting, where she consulted and worked in all facets of film and commercial production. She learned the business of not for-profits working for The Winfield Consulting Group before coming back to the business with Arlene Wilson Management. A call from Kathy Hardegree with Atlanta Models & Talent, Inc. brought Sarah back to work as an agent.

Jason Lockhart

Head of TV/Film Department

Jason Lockhart is a Film & Television Agent from Los Angeles and excited to be a fresh face in the Atlanta market. He is also an accomplished filmmaker, having worked with National Lampoon and sold two feature films as an award-winning Writer/Director, one of which The CW picked up as a Movie of the Week. Having grown up as a child actor, Jason has over 20 years of experience & education in the industry, but after bouncing around several seats in Hollywood, he finds it most rewarding behind the talent agent’s desk, helping others pursue their dreams. He is known to love all things comedy, but serious obsessions include family, fantasy football, plain cheese pizza, dogs, and the Joker.

Mason Thurman

Commercial, Industrial, and Print Agent

Mason Thurman has been enthusiastically entrenched in the entertainment industry for over a decade. His love for film, television, and everything creative lured him into the industry at an early age. Born into a family of musicians, agents, and actors in Nashville, Tennessee, it's no surprise that he followed suit and entered a similar arena. Mason began his career with top talent agency in Atlanta, Georgia shortly after graduating from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2015. He began as an assistant and quickly developed the skills and knowledge that would launch him forward. Mason has a keen eye for talent and a shares the same affinity and passion for the work as his clients do.

Kelly Nehmen

TV/Film Agent

After graduating from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts, Kelly moved back to her hometown of Atlanta, GA to capitalize on the city's thriving market for film and television production. Her hustle began by trying on a variety of hats within the industry. She worked as a set PA, interned with one of the largest local talent agencies, trained with prestigious casting directors for principal and extras casting, and then finally discovered her passion on a fast track agent path as an Associate at Atlanta Models and Talent. After 2 exciting years with AMT, she quickly grew into a TV/Film Talent Agent and continues to help the market expand and flourish on a daily basis. When not answering phones or emails, Kelly enjoys walking her dog Floppy on trails by the Chattahoochee River.

Caila Cordwell

SAG-AFTRA Commercial Agent | Intern Program Coordinator

Caila Cordwell graduated from Southeastern University with a BS in Film Production in the fall of 2016. She began as an intern in the spring of 2017 and quickly settled in as a commercial associate that summer. As of July 2019, she earned her agent’s license and now works as AMT’s SAG-AFTRA Commercial Agent. Caila is also the coordinator for AMT's Internship Program. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking craft coffee, reading classic literature, perusing fashion blogs, and spending too much time browsing the aisles at Target!

Tracy Nguyen

Voiceover Department Associate | Commercial, Industrial & Print Department Associate

Tracy earned her Bachelor of Science in Media Studies with a minor in Film at Kennesaw State University and began as a full-time employee at Atlanta Models & Talent shortly after her internship. Agency work within the commercial, industrial, and TV/Film departments combined all her interests, setting her sights on a career in the film industry. Tracy assists within the commercial and voice-over departments, overseeing client communication with producers and casting directors on regional and national projects. In her free time, Tracy enjoys exploring new places, eating good food, and catching up on her favorite movies & TV shows.

Madison Junod

TV/Film Associate

Jasmine WIlliams

Certified Bookkeeper

Jasmine is an Accountant and Financial Coach with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Georgia State University. She holds many certifications and has taken great pride in assisting others with their finances for the past 13 years. In her spare time, she volunteers with non-profits teaching financial literacy and business development. Her pride and joy are her two kids (Malia and Naomi Joy) and soon to be husband, Sidney. She deeply believes in self-care and indulges in beach trips, yoga and quiet time reading when the chance presents itself.

New Talent Submissions


Q: What kind of services do you provide?
A: We are a full service talent agency focused on the following divisions: TV/Film, Commercial/Industrial/Print, and Voiceover

Q: Does AMT accept walk-ins?
A: No. We only accept online submissions. All other submissions will be disregarded.

Q: How do I submit?
A: You may ONLY submit online. We do not accept walk-in or mailed submissions. Please fill out the application in the Submit section.

Q: Can I drop off my submission?
A: No, we only accept online submissions.

Q: Do you have open casting calls?
A: No, AMT does not hold open casting calls. Please submit online.

Q: Do I need to have a demo reel?
A: You may include your demo reel in your submission, but it is not required.

Q: Do you represent children?
A: Yes, we represent children ages 4 and up who already have some training. An extensive resume is not required for children under 17.

Q: How quickly will I get a response?
A: Submissions are reviewed regularly. However, if you do not hear from us, do not contact us to see if we have received your submission. If we are interested, we will contact you.

Q: Do I need professional headshots?
A: Professional headshots are encouraged to be considered for representation. If you do not have professional headshots, please submit clear, professional-looking photos. NO SELFIES.

Q: How much experience is required?
A: We typically require at least 4-5 years of on-camera experience. However, we will look at children under 18 based on training.

Q: What are the costs of being represented?
A: There is no up-front fee to be represented by AMT. However, we do take commission on every project talent books.

Q: What if I am just getting started?
A: Build a resume with training and experience by taking acting classes, working on low-budget or student films, and getting professional headshots. Check out our social media pages for upcoming workshops and headshot specials.


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Voice Over

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Contact AM&T

If you are a producer or casting director looking to book our talent in a project, please call (404) 261-9627 or email

If you are talent seeking representation with AMT, please refer to our Submit section

AMT only accepts submissions through our online submission forms. Submissions in any other form (mail, walk-in, email) will be disregarded.